Indonesia's Facebook Generation

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    Few people have heard of poker online terpercaya indonesia ,. With the exception of the fabled Island of Bali, and bad news of rare terrorist attacks, and occasional natural disasters, yet Indonesians are the forth largest users of the social network site- Facebook. Which has become something of a controversy, and to many a social norm in a Country of over 225 million people.

    Social networking is nothing new to Indonesians, indeed "Social Networking" is an intricle part of both traditional, and modern Indonesian life. In a developing nation, that has largely escaped the current World recession, this tradition of "Social Networking" has gone on-line.

    A new generation of net savvy Indonesians, who mainly live in the Countries urban centers have embraced Facebook, as their own. Posting pictures which Indonesians all love to take on expanding profiles, and taking advantage of the chat facilities which most Indonesians love to spend their time doing.

    So Why has Facebook taken off in one of the most unlikeliest Countries?

    Modern Indonesia has been transformed from a rural society, to an urban society within a period of only a few generations. Leaving families and friends across Indonesia, both separated and many say permanently mobile.

    This has created a wealthy urban elite, and a would-be generation of migrants, that embrace cheap technology simply needed to keep in touch with each other across a nation of over 18.000 Islands.

    The de-regulation of the nations Telecommunications Industry, and open competition between internet, and mobile phone providers have created cheaper technology for millions of ordinary Indonesians, who have embraced the opportunity to keep in touch, gossip and make new friends on-line.

    Modern Indonesians also like to look down on their "rural roots," and Facebook is one way to look sophisticated and modern, in a society where often appearances are more important than substance. Hence the countless photographs posted on Indonesian Facebook profiles, that often show the trappings of wealth most Indonesians can not afford, outside the Cities; days in the Mall, trendy Cafes or even upscale Hotels and Restaurants.

    "Social Networking," is also important in a Country with no real social safety nets. Finding a job or side business are the main preoccupation for many Indonesians, in a society were it can be "who you know," rather than "What you know." And Facebook is the ideal on-line solution to network, with so many mobile phone providers now offering cheap rates for Internet browsing, and connecting to Facebook.

    Dating is also an important part of Indonesian life, were most of the Countries population is still under the age of 25, and mainly Female. So Facebook is also a cheap Dating Site for many Indonesians, who often flirt on-line, or search for an offline partner. Particularly when many Indonesians have two jobs and spend most of their time traveling too or from work in Cities like Jakarta.

    Facebook has solved the communication problems of a young, nation often permanently on the move, and even with the older generation of Indonesians criticizing the often "Negative" usage of Facebook, including the quite recent criticism of the website by Conservative Religious Scholars. It is set to grow in popularity, as the Facebook Generation, expands in Indonesia's Urban Centers.


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