Domino Effect In South Bend

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    There are a number of South bend bankruptcy lawyers in South bend, the fourth largest city in the state of Indiana. There are more than 100,000 residents in the city of South bend. In fact, the population was higher prior to the demise of heavy industry companies, like Studebaker. South bend bankruptcy lawyers know that when a major company takes a colossal hit there is usually a situs domino online effect. For example, the impacted workers may migrate to other areas where employment opportunities are more plentiful or they may tough it out and stay. A percentage of those who do may end up being represented by one of the area's South bend bankruptcy lawyers in bankruptcy proceedings.

    There are quite a few powerhouse companies in and around South bend, Indiana. Some major companies include Honeywell, Crowe Howarth, and AM General. In addition, the University of Notre Dame is located just north of South bend. Because healthcare has a major presence in South bend, Memorial Health Systems is a prominent employer. All of these companies contribute in large ways to the economic growth, development and sustenance of the city. If any of these major contributors falter or go under then that could literally spell financial disaster for South bend.

    The College Football Hall of Fame is set to leave the city in pursuit of its new home in Atlanta, Georgia. The Hall of Fame featuring college players migrated to South bend from Kings Mill, Ohio in 1995. This move may cause some financial strain for those who are not prepared for its departure. On the other hand, knowing that its placement in South bend was only temporary for 15 years, might prevent one from getting too comfortable there. The city is currently undergoing efforts to essentially makeover the city and breathe new life into old abandoned buildings. This may help to create employment opportunities and make up for the departure of the College Hall of Fame.


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